Art by Fabjàn Jimenez

The wizened psychologist, Carl Rogers once said, “The curious paradox is when I accept myself as I am, then I can change.” This, from every possible way of looking at it, is the most profound Idea to entertain.

Until we travel the labyrinths of biographical time, back to the original trauma of our youth, the key to the cellar door of true healing will remain locked.  Also, when we turn our gaze in the opposite direction, towards the future, it is not until we make a pact with it, releasing all worry and anxieties about what may happen, will we be set free.  We must find the buoyant fulcrum in the middle of all things.  And there’s only one place to find it. Here & Now.

And then, of course, there are other peoples perspectives.  If we care too much about them, there is no true acceptance of Self, and they will continuously tamper with our abilities to make a real change.  We must care, but we also must not.  Paradox.  Life. More paradox.

(Today, as many of our minds decompress from the explosions in the sky and the lovely chatter we may have been immersed in, the Sun in Cancer converses with the rulers of Pisces.  Trine to Neptune in Pisces, who has just begun to really sense the Rx medicine, a channel opens, giving access to a profound trust in our direction, our intuition, and the dream we are trying to live in.  It gives hope with the invisible landscape, and it’s forever love for us.  It’s the support needed, when we look at Jupiter to see the social riddle of this moment.  In Libra, this square represents the final quarter of the Jupiter cycle.  A crisis of integration if you will.  The easiest way to crack the code is by asking yourself this simple question: How do the people around me support and nurture my True Self? You’ll know what to do next…)

Long days & pleasant nights my friends,



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