art by by Stanley Morrison

Many folks talk about transformation as a miraculous event or moment, after which everything has changed.  In most cases though, especially within the complex networks of the human Psyche, it is a prolonged process.  Even the caterpillar cannot snap it’s little fingers and become a flying beauty.  It must die first.  She must willing enter the unknown, following a feeling deeper and more mysterious than any articulated thought, and trust what happens next.  We are no different.

Imagine a life changing idea dropping into your head as a spore.  If it lands in the perfect conditions where there is enough moisture from years of tears and copious decay present from many moons of poor decisions, this thought-spore may set up camp, and begin multiplying.  Soon, the mycelium begins to form. It represents the new and healthier patterns growing from the original life changing idea.  If the conditions are kept right, and the network continues to grow, a bizarre and miraculous thing occurs: A fruiting body appears.  The Medicine! The fruit of all of your shadow work.  In it, we can see, just how transformation happens.

Important to note: This whole process occurs in the darkness.  Most of it never sees the light of day, meaning most other folks will have no clue, that is unless you tell them.  There is a darkness in all of us, and it’s in these shadows where the greatest gifts appear after long hours of self confrontation.  The mushroom is our gift.  And for those who say they cast no shadow, remember: Vampires don’t don’t either!

(Glorious Scorpio Full Moon to you.  From the Bull’s shit, grows the Philosopher’s Stone. I think there are ten thousand good reasons many Buddhist’s celebrate this Moon as the Buddha’s birthday, satori, and death–which was by a mushroom interestingly enough.  It has something to do with Transformation.  But it doesn’t occur in an instant. So yes, yage would work on The Donald, but one night of jungle visions isn’t going to rewire anybody completely in an evening.  It takes time.  We must be persistent and consistent with our Dragon Work.  And it is Moons like this one, where we get to see the fruits of all our transformational labors.)

Long days & pleasant nights my friends,


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