Oppositions and conjunctions: A cacophony of thoughts

Oppositions and conjunctions: A cacophony of thoughts

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….This came up in a reading  I recently gave to my friend. She had an abundant of oppositions in her chart that all involved in some way the Pisces/Virgo archetypes. She basically has all these amazing dreams (Pisces). However, her entire life, whenever she has started to make them a reality (Virgo) she has gotten overwhelmed with how directionless she felt. She would start a project a zillion times, from a zillion different angels, and walk away from it just as many times.

I am soooo fascinated by oppositions, and why some souls create lifetimes in which evolution is contingent upon working them out.

Before I talk too much about oppositions, lets take a look at conjunctions. There are two kinds of conjunctions: 1. the New phase conjunction and 2. the balsamic conjunction.

The new phase conjunction between any two planets symbolizes the very beginning of a cycle. New phase simply means the faster moving planet is moving away from the slower moving planet (i.e Pluto 0 degrees Libra, Mars 5 degrees Libra= new phase conjunction). A soul born with a new phase conjunction is developing those two planets in relationship to one another in an entirely new way. This would be the first, or one of the first lifetimes in which this cylce is beginning. There will naturally be a freshness, clarity and openness to begin the journey.

The balsamic phase conjunction symbolizes the completion of a cycle. It’s the very end of an entire cycle between any two planets. Balsamic means the faster moving planet is applying towards the slower moving planet (ie Pluto 0 degrees Libra, Mars 25 degrees Virgo= balsamic conjunction). A soul born with a balsamic conjunction is required to relive certain dynamics of the past in order to bring to as great a completion as possible the intention those two planets have together. This is innately more challenging for most souls than the new phase conjunction because progress and newness is not possible until the old is completed. This doesn’t mean experiences of newness won’t come about- it simply means the archetype is directly associated with completing the cycle.

In between the new phase conjunction and the balsamic conjunction is the famed opposition. The opposition is the midpoint bewteen each conjunction. It represents the culmination of the evolutionary intention implied by any two celestial bodies.

By the way, aspects are indicate of cycles that started prior to this life

When we look at aspects, we often ignore the fact that the aspects on our chart means that each soul, in this partciular life, is at a particular phase of a longer evolutionary journey. Each lifetime is a little trip that the soul plans for itself. We’re here with one chart only- and that chart defines the parameters of the evolutionary journey.

Back to oppositions:

Souls that have an opposition in their chart are perpetually faced with the neccesity to release any patterns that do not allow for a harmonious integration of the polarity. This is very different than the conjunction. In the conjunction there is nothing to release in terms of conflicting patterns. The only intention of the conjunction (both new phase and balsamic) is synthesis. The sign and house of the conjuncting planets will indicate the nature of that synthesis. The opposition also requires synthesis, however in order for that to occur opposites need to be reconsiled.

My friend and teacher Adam Gainsburg calls oppositions “backwards facing conjunctions”. As a phase in a cycle, this lifetime symbolize the maximum level of achievement, and thus mastery that can be achieved in the cycle. It’s the “full Moon” of the cycle.

We all have oppositions in our chart. How do I know this? What natural oppositions occur in EVERY chart? The opposition between the ascendant descendant. Between the midheaven and the lowheaven. And between the nodes of the Moon!

And all of those points are nodal points. The 4 angels (ascendant descendant, midheaven and lowheaven) are the nodes at which the local horizon and meridians cross the ecliptic. And the nodes of the Moon are the 2 nodes at which the Moon’s apparent orbit around the earth intersects the ecliptic. Ecliptic and oppositions. Hmm…



  1. Ari, thank you.

    So tell me: If somebody has an abudant amount of Oppisitions in their chart, and these oppisitions are actually happening on the angles, then what does that create?

    Of course if makes it stronger, but from an Evolutionary point of view? What is going on…

    an example: Jupiter on the IC in Sag Opposing the Sun on the MC Gemini….what is this Soul going through????

  2. In general,

    Their life’s purpose (Sun) entails doing lots and lots of work spreading and teaching to the public (MC) a diverse array of information (Gemini).

    The challenge to doing that work is their self image (4th house). Who do they think they are? Jupiter on the 4th house can go to great extremes. One being emotional elation- loving everybody, and feeling great about oneself. The other being emotionally immature- being sensitive to the slightest set back and seeing oneself as too wounded to do anything special.

    So to integrate these energies- they have to be constantly working on their self image. The key is to be realistic and honest to themselves about their emotional reality- to stay fluid and open about seeing them self clearly (i.e. never to get carried away via an emotional response). This requires embracing/recognizing the love, the family, the friends in their life, as well as their own unwavering connection to the divine- and being nourished by all of that.

    In the end it roughly can look like a person who has created a stable organization (mc) for the dissemination of ideas (gemini), that supports and is supported by an enriching and deeply personal and spiritual emotional life. In their inner home life, they learn the truth. They can experience direct revelation of the truth through directly perceiving the nature of who they are (Jupiter in Sag in the 4th). This emotional life expresses itself via the work that they do as an enthusiastic, spiritually informed, emotionally wise soul that has lots to share.

      • Ya, no prob. (you can add them yourself…)

        GoOd answer Ari. Ya know, in Jyotish (Vedic), they say Jupiter in the 4th creates a person who has unshakable “happiness.” Now, I haven’t tested this one on thousands, but I have noticed, that individuals who have this aspect, tend to be stronger and more optimistic in times of darkness. They seem to have a incredibly deep and unshakable connection to the Divine.

        Is this true in your experience?

        It kind of fits with your description too… in the sense that if they do get what they need from their home, and are nurtured in the proper manner, they will be fully awakened to their spiritual state.

        Also to note: Jupiter in the 4th is a “accidental exaltation.” Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, Jupiter is in the 4th: Kinda the same.

        thanks again Ari.

    • check out this appropriately timed jupiter in the 4th house blog. i love the synchronisities

      i cant say jupiter in the 4th is always unshakable happiness. i see the tendency to objectify emotions to the point of making everything one way or another- it really can be profoundly pessimistic about everything as much as it can be optimistic about everything. Oh there’s something wrong with me, people don’t like me etc… very narcissistic.

      Also, a general rule for Sag/Jupiter archetype is it’s very easy for them to have ALL THE ANSWERS for everyone but to miss it completely when it comes to themself. Jupiter in the 4th may have the optimistic happy answer for all ppl’s problems, even during times of great darkness. However that is often just shallow dogma. “oh your dog died? just smile and be grateful- shake it off, it’s ok. there’s really no death”. They really may not get it until they find them self in an emotional crisis and don’t know how to deal with it.

      • Thats awesome…

        When did you write the blog?

        I like what you say about Jupiter in the 4th “having all the answers for others, but miss it completely for themselves.” It is sooooOoooo true. Major challenge for sure. But I do think what your describing can create superficiality than in turn creates a perpetual moOd that could be taken for “happiness.” it might not be true, they may always be running from something, but at least there are keeping the vibes strong.

        It a complicated one. Got a good example of a famous person?