Wounded Healer
Art by Cameron Gray


On November 1st of 2017, thousands—if not millions—of astrophiles will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of the discovery of Chiron.  Rumor has it, the party will be held somewhere between Saturn and Uranus (let me know if you would like me to forward you the invite).  This immortal centaur will finally be making it “over the hill”.  His “Mid-life Crisis” is finally in sight.  Now, whether mythical hybrids experience such challenges along their path, we do, and that’s what matters. We are a decade short of a full orbit of having known about our favorite “Wounded Healer.” And it’s this final fifth of a stretch that has me singing to the moon, hoping she is relaying my songs to him.

Before I share a few of these “songs” with you, I would like to acknowledge all the amazing Astrologers who have been pioneers with Chiron, unafraid to turn the key and see what’s on the other side. From Barbara Hand Clow’s kundalini insights to John Updike’s masterful novel “the Centaur, from Elias Lonsdale’s “Alpha-Omega” time traveler to Chiron (Kyrooone) in the movie Moonlight, from that insightful Astrologer to the next and all those to come, thank you. It’s not easy work. Chiron is a tough teacher, in the most skillful of ways. He is a key as well. When we commit to doing “the Work” he gives us, the key finds its keyhole. What it reveals is different for everybody, yet the feeling is the same:

We are not alone

Space is ten thousand faces

All of which invites us to visit their wyrd abodes

.:The Key:.

Chiron key
calligraphy by me


All symbols are charged with meaning. Astrology symbols are no exception to this rule.  People can give them meaning, we can all agree on that meaning, yet always beneath the consensus, there is another meaning entirely. Something intelligent and alive.

Most would agree Chiron’s symbol is a key.  It’s base is a circle with a vertical line reaching upwards, with two more lines pointing up then down at 45 degrees. A key to what though? A chest? A door? A heart? All of the above? Again, it is my feeling it opens something different for everyone, but the quality of the landscape is the same: alien yet eerily familiar. Otherworldly would be a good word for it.

Being that Chiron eccentrically orbits between Saturn and Uranus—breaching both of their orbits as well—he’s an intermediary between the two.  A kind of messenger for these two realities, never taking sides.  Saturn is this world, the reality we can all agree on, and pay taxes too; Uranus is another world entirely, one which resembles getting “woke’ in The Matrix. His role then, in us and for us, is to show us the path to take between them.  And the Way can be found in his symbol.

The Circle of Spirit:

Timeless. Tao is now. A sigil for Wholeness

…when daydreaming about Oneness and what came before and after

The Vertical Line:

Growing towards the Light. Upright. The High Road

…with trees as our teacher, the rainbow serpent spirals up the trunk; a nostalgic reminder

One points down:

In our bones. DNA strands from the Jurassic. The Questing Beast

…when triggered and taken by primal reactions. A cornered animal. Fights and flights and dark fancies of uncorked bottles

One pointing up:

3rd eye sights. Ancient future technologies. Complete awareness.

…when you are half human, half horse, and you’ve learned mindfulness directly from Nature

If you are confused by this, take a couple breathes, and read again.  Then, draw Chiron with your favorite medium. Repeat this a few times.  Use this symbol as key to your focus. Sit with it. Stare for a bit. Ask it questions.  Eventually, you too will begin to see how Chiron is the Master of all Things. 

He coils around the fear of rejection

melting it to liquid gold

to be

a gift for the gods

a prayer for the medicine

your own philosophers stone

.:Galloping towards the Third Wave:.

Again, we have only known of Chiron since 77’. He was in early Taurus when discovered. Now, he’s sailing the same waters of late Pisces he was navigating for most of the 60’s.  Chiron likes Pisces. He spends the longest amount of time there.  Maybe it’s a longing for his mother who abandoned him at birth. She was a sea nymph after all.  Or maybe it relates to rapture with the Truth which seeps from there. Pisces is akin to the circle of Spirit from which Chiron’s symbol is based. It seems all his teachings point back to this.

Chiron will remain in Pisces for the rest of the year, finally crossing the Aries Point in April of 2018.  What this means for us, is that we have ample time to continuously test the key on different doors of perception.  Chiron was a Master Herbalist and a big fan of micro-dosing sacred plants. This could be an opening click of the lock. He was also Legolas and Robin Hood’s archery teacher. Nothing like stilling the mind for Spirit to move through than shooting arrows.  When it came to music, he had the Mind of every teacher at Berkley School of Music combined. Picking up an instrument was never a bad idea.  And of course: Astrology! Asclepius was one of his best students (he also learned loads from Hermes…).  My point:

Find a Path (preferably with some dirt on it)

Find a Teacher (human or otherwise)

Return to Wholeness 

It’s Chiron’s birthday! And the day after he has his final argument with his father, Saturn (Nov 2nd). It will be the third square between them over the past year. Chiron is finally coming out of his cave, unafraid of the consequences. Which means we must be unwavering in the Truth of what we actually are, bending but never breaking under the pressure of Time and stupid rules. The 3rd Wave is a term related to the third rise of entheogens (coined by Paul Austin): The first wave rising from the beginning of the human journey; The second being the 60’s, the last time Chiron was in Pisces; The third is NOW. Chiron challenges all of us to take another look at the gifts from our Mother, to try and remember their place in our lives, in society, and especially in all sacred spaces.

The Seabreeze reminds him

of when he didn’t care for their approval

when he wasn’t angry at his parents

when he was always in nature

talking to



and all the people

The Seabreeze reminds him

that he has Returned

Full Circle

In the barrel of the Third Wave