Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter alignment
art Catrin Welz-Stein
Every generation seems to have its “End of the World” date. We love it. It’s an eschatological strain of DNA we are all wired with. This tradition of day dreaming the end of times goes as far back as we can see, and in our generation, we’ve already had a few: The Harmonic Covergance, Y2k, and of course, the infamous Winter Solstice of 2012. And it’s not to say nothing happened in these powerful alignments, yet…we are still here. The computers still work, the world doesn’t seem to be any less governed by the patriarchy, and we are still living out of harmony with the natural world. Not all of us, but the majority.
With any of these amazing alignments, to expect change to happen in an instant is silly. If you were expecting a transcendent afternoon that lovely Winters day in 2012, where Mayan spirits descended down on starry umbilical cords to save your Soul from the sheeple, you were no doubt let down. But hey, there will be another chance. In fact, this is what I wanted to write about: The next “End of the World” party.
It will occur in 2020. The exact date is something I have consciously omitted for the purposes of relating to the entire year, instead of an instant. It will be a triple conjunction of Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter in late Capricorn—Mars will also show up with a bag of c4 and a dozen gigantic balloons. This rare stellium hasn’t happened in this way in our lifetime, nor will it again. It needs a name, what shall call it…”The Explosive Enlightenment?” “The Breaking point?” “The Peak Oil Parade?”
What’s also interesting, is it occurs in close proximity to both the south nodes of Pluto and Saturn. This is big. The essence can’t be tamed, and it’s sole purpose is to destroy all that is toxic and use what remains to build anew. When Pluto first moved into Capricorn in 2008, it was the economic meltdown around the housing bubble and Obama becoming our first black president. In 2020, it will be towards the end of Pluto’s tenure in this space of structures and assumed realities, and will be the next elections as well (I know the next four years is scary enough without this astro fodder, because of who is running for the helm of this ship).
Now, it’s not just the Big World that will be affected, we are not exempt. There is toxicity in droves inside of us as well that no raw/vegan diet can handle. We have trauma in us. Unfermented grief accumulated throughout not just our life or lives, but a cumulative result of thousands of years of not addressing what lurks in the unconscious collectively. If there were to be a transit to guarantee all the necessary tools to work with our demons, finding our unlimited potentials, it would be these players…
Pluto’s gift is a cup of something which resembles ayahuasca, but is said to come from the Pleiades…
Saturn’s gift is the strength found through sobriety to actually rebuild the world—inside and out….
Jupiter’s gift is the visions that come through Pluto’s cup and Saturn’s clear eyes…
…and then Mars is the clarion call saying the games have begun.
And I know, this is a ways away, but the Moon is in this territory as I write, and her gifts have been a series of intuitive hints, macabre feelings, and excited visions of what is possible leading up to this in the next four years. To me, it feels amazing.
*Important to note: The US has Pluto in Capricorn. Meaning, this country is going through a Pluto return at the moment. This “Explosive Party” is happening ever so close to it. The possibilities are endless, let’s just hope Trump or Hilary don’t ruin it for us first.

…Find this in your Chart, begin the meditation. If you need help, I’m your man.


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