Neptune’s Gift

Neptune’s Gift

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art by Nathan A Hutchinson …yesterday, when the Moon was in a trine aspect to Neptune and also when the Moon via Transit, entered my 12th house of my Lunar Return chart, something vuuuuury mysterious began to envelop me…… It all started with my Yoga practice in the morning.  Within it, I was having these vivid visions of my energy body, and how I was creating it with my breath.  Also witnessing worlds fall away without my breath.  I have had these sensations many times before, but yesterday there was something uber-potent about it.  As this energy was circulating throughout my entire being, I realized something simple about what we think of as Health: It has everything to do with alignment.  Alignment with what?: with spirit, with body, with mind, with our environment, with the Archetype of Neptune, Pisces, and the 12th house. Its a simple realization which I’m sure you can easily agree with, but it was cosmic too.  No illness can touch you if you are aligned, nor can any negative emotional state bring you enter the hellish realms of Plutonic despair.  You learn to move with it, like the undulating sway of the Ocean.  Remember: the best way to survive undertow is by surrendering, and it is surrender which allows us to align to the Archetype of Pisces. ….seemingly the day got off to a magical start–nothing was going to touch me–until……… I get on the computer to begin the work day and my external hard drive with all my essential music/movie/book files was blank.  Fried.  No data rescue, no geek, no freezer,  no nothing was going to save my precious resource! Panic was the first response, and then immediately after–or during it–I melted away in a strange bliss.  I saw it as a blessing.  A chance to start over.  Strangely, I felt like a massive gorilla had been lifted from my shoulders. Not sure why, it just was.  Bliss. Satori. Om….oOo Surfing the waves of Neptune has never been easier. …then, by mid day, once the Moon was done with her aspect to Neptune, is when the moON (for this month’s Lunar return) entered my 12th….. I go to my “soon to be” home for my roommates lil’ girl’s 2nd birthday party.  Everything seemed normal. I guess everything was apparently normal, but there was a deeper layer, an ephemeral communication unfolding: The animals and the children were psychically speaking to me.  It first started with the other 2 year old who was there.  Just eyes, questioning, investigation, no words, then hysterical laughter.  I remember thinking during it, “This is how I communicate with animals…” Indeed.  Then the animals show up.  3 dogs and a cat appears from downstairs.  All of them, in constant conversation–with each other and with me.  Young ones, and very old ones.  A community of little beings.  Now, I wasn’t on any good drugs, nor was I altered in any way.  I was just in the 12th house.  We are all psychic and we all have the 3 parts of this Archetype within our consciousness, its just a matter of aligning ourselves to it.  Everything comes into place once you allow it to fall away.  So we let go. …Trust……Surrender………….Blisss…….Everything working out perfectly…..oOo ….at the days end, I was able to connect the dots with the help of Astrology.  I was able to see the fine and delicate lines that were drawn from my yoga experience in the morning, into the hard drives test, floating up into the psychic communication with forms of life that weren’t burdened with too much programing or worry.  Without the programs and without the worry, we are Pisces–we are completely aligned with God…..There is no place to worry about what Elenin is going to do, or the Reptiles, or the Government etc etc etc…..Just plain ol’ simple living!

*It is my prayer for all of you who read this, to be inspired to attempt an understanding of a deeper alignment with the Archetype of Pisces within your life.  Nothing could be so easy and so damn challenging at the same time.  All you must do is let go!

art by Nathan A Hutchinson

If you are interested in knowing more about this Archetype in your own chart, don’t be shy, and contact me at KOSMOGNOSIS@GMAIL.COM, and we can set up a time to do a in depth session with the Creator of all “things”: Neptune!!!!….



  1. Yeah Man…how  true  is  that!!  and  how  difficult its sometimes, the  let  go  Part…
    here  the  power  of  Nature  helps   with that, in the rainyseason  you  feel  , that  Nature is  who  rules  everything, planing  impossible, connections   hart to  keep  up.  and  roads  are  just getting  washed away!! finally the  big  Rain  came  yesterday!
    Complet  Energie  shift!also  for  mi  personal view , the  shift  from piscis  to  Aries  , every  Month ,is  the  most   intense  one  for me.Bodywise its going  from the  Feets  up  to the  Head, no  wonder,from  full  emotional  aspects  , to  intense   just  beeing in the Head stuff..

     big  Hugh
    .by the way  i like alot  Nathans  ARt  work!