Neptune astrologyNeptune is the most enigmatic of all the planets.  Hard to talk about, harder to hold down once you think you know, it is the energy in our lives that we get when we stare at the stars or into the vastness of the ocean.  They are both great metaphors for what Neptune is.

We’ve known about Neptune since the mid 19th century, and for the most part, have a pretty good hold on what it is by now.  Yes, it’s mysterious, but it’s also spiritual.  It is absolutely confusing, but it’s also crystal clear once we have surrendered and are floating down stream.  It is essentially the energy behind nature, the thing which connects everything together, yet, the moment we try to speak it, it falls short.  Neptune requires a poet to really convey its essence.

In the Natal chart, Neptune tends to show an innocence or naiveté in the horoscope.  It is a gentle openness that tends to get us into loads of trouble until we learn to develop some sense of an immunity around it.  Once that is secured and we are no longer fooled, we can
rise above all the afflictions.  By transit, it’s like an intoxicating fog which commonly takes away our sense of reason in that area of life.  Discernment and advice from friends are the best antidotes to dealing with Neptune.  That, and time.

Neptune Astrology

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