Scorpio as the liar
art by riccardo guasco

Jimi once said, “Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.” Imagine, if Hilary was a melancholic junky whose inspiration in life was Ani Difranco…What revealing stories would we hear in her music? What if Trump aspired to be more like Eminem, what biographical nuggets would we be able to glean through such cathartic rhymes? Or, what if your lover, your best friend, your children communicated with you constantly as if they were laying their whole heart out on the page. We can only wonder…

It is said that 60% of people can’t go ten minutes without telling a lie—usually more than one. The other 40% are better at holding out until the half hour mark. And it’s not terrible lies most of time, it’s those little ones which come out as a reflex, subconsciously protecting our image, seemingly keeping us “cool.” It’s insane. And I’m sure it serves some evolutionary purpose, yet, on days like today, I’m always curious of how they begin to back fire.
If I were to choose a sign in the zodiac to rule over lying, it would without a doubt be Scorpio. Cloaked in mystery, with sharp and penetrating objects protecting its secrets, it does an uncanny job of both hiding and manipulating the Truth. The rulers of Scorpio also relate: Mars & Pluto. Today, the two of them take a lie detector test.
It seems Pluto is the one who is setting this up because of a lovely dialogue heard between him and the Dragon (trine the North Node, Rahu, Dragon head). It’s a feeling triggered by his brother in arms, Mars, who opposes Mercury on this fine day. I’m sure you are tired of it. I know I’m tired of it, and it’s not just them politicians. It’s just that most people seem to be full of shit, no? Interesting, because when you look to the sky at dawn, Mercury is ever so close to the bulls butt (Taurus). As the part of the mind which relates to perception and our words, it is likely we get to be confronted—or confront—some bull shit today. That confrontation is triggered by Mars, who is still retrograde, in Scorpio “The Sign of the Liar.”
The practice is to catch yourself on all your bullshit today. To do the same with others. Don’t lose your cool. Keep your head on straight. Remember to breathe. And if you’re a Scorpio, I’m just playing, I ain’t mad at cha.. You’re more than a liar, you are an extraordinary machine, made of eagle feathers, light, and alchemized poisons. You are the real deal. As far as everyone else, well, we all have Scorpio in us somewhere. The statement is universally compatible. We all lie. Jimi Hendrix had Mars in Scorpio, just like in the sky today. It’s what allowed him to chop down mountains with the edge of his hand.

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