Mercury conjunct the Sun
art James Barry

One of the first acts performed by Mercury after he was born, was to find a tortoise.  He was birthed pregnant with inspiration.  The idea was to turn this ancient reptile into an instrument-one which would prove helpful in saving his life from his brother Apollo and would eventually be called a lyre.

Mercury?s ingenuity is available at all times within us.  Not just the clever ways life feeds on life and creates beauty through death, but also within the always available stream of inventiveness.  In our own lives, Mercury relates to perception.  One can gaze upon tortoise and think, “How curious.  A surviving dinosaur.  Look at how slow it moves.” Where someone else may look at him, and think: “I wonder if I can ride him? And how long would it take for us to ride to the store?” With Mercury, straight out of the gates, moved by a vision from another world, he knew: Find the tortoise.  Turn it into something that makes beautiful sounds.  The rest will take care of itself….and it did.

To create what life cannot also relates to Mercury.  From our throat and lungs all the way down our arms and into our opposable thumbs, he rules, allowing us to articulate ideas through language, to manipulate matter with our hands and build, to separate and organize, and ultimately, to breathe deep and remember.  It?s easy to lose touch with him in the sky because he moves so fast, yet today, he is perfectly placed on the other side of the Sun.  We won?t find him in the morning or evening sky.  He?s not retrograde either.  Instead, he?s moving swiftly through another world, transfiguring ideas, assisting us in seeing differently.  Soon, he will emerge in the night sky, seen through the radiant hairs of a lions mane (in Leo).  But for now, as he floats in the ontological incubator, he is graced with visions from Venus and Mars (as are we).

Venus trines Mars today (Cancer/Scorpio).  A graceful and liquidy moment, when the Goddess throws a rope to Mars, helping him safely escape the swamp of fears he has been stuck in.  It?s been a week since Mars turned direct, but his journey is far from over.  This assistance from the exquisite one is welcomed.  It can feel like a subtle burst of energy in the body, a gentle firework display in the imagination, or a flying forth into novel terrain populated by helpful spirits.  It?s a harmony between inspiration and will.  It is precisely what Mercury was born with.

Also, remembering this lunar cycle is only two days old.  Our intentions and prayers are still vulnerable like that tortoise (the Old sign for Cancer) and we must be diligent, watching for predators of the mind.  Tonight, as you gaze West at the sunset and linger for a moment with the Moon, remember: Life feeds on life.  Best to protect yours in the most peaceful and compassionate of ways.

  • Speaking of Venus (the heroine of the day), I will be offering a comprehensive class on Venus at the end of the month, just after she too, comes back to the evening sky.  Click below to read more.