“Sometimes dreams are wiser than waking.”

Black Elk

…Over the next 24 hrs Mercury will go Direct (…the station has already begun).



 (chart by Marina Caruso)
As you can see from the chart above, Mercury retrograde cycles are more than just the “retro,” it also involves what is called the “shadow” and the “release.” It relates to the degrees traveled during the cycle.  For instance, Mercury passed 23 degrees of Pisces on Feb 27th, entering the “shadow.” It samples the energies to come.  Then, on March 12th, Mercury stationed retrograde at 6 degrees of Aries, creating the window in space the cycle relates to (23 Pisces to 6 Aries).  Today,  Mercury is once again at 23 degrees Pisces, preparing himself to move ahead–once again–passing the Aries point, to release himself from this trippy meditation. Now, that is just the logistics.  What does it all mean?
In a phrase: “We are rudderless without a vision”
To add, I find 3 things of most importance to this cycle:

1. Mercury went Retrograde while conjunct Uranus!

…..thoughts?: Uranus is the higher vibration of Mercury–the higher Mind.  Bring the two together and you have unlimited potential of changing ones reality.  If our thoughts do create our realities, we must be careful what we are thinking.  So Mercury turns around and goes back into Pisces, in search of a dream or vision to guide itself deeper into mercurial manifestation.  Bringing me into my 2nd point:

2. Mercury was involved with the Aries New moon!

…thoughts?:  It was quite auspicious in my eyes to have an Aries New Moon just a day after the Vernal Equinox.  Both relating to new beginnings, the untapped potential of a mustard seed ways lying in our palms.  Mercury was conjunct this New Moon, watching with the curiosity of an unseen angel, gazing at the miracle of a new-born child.  Something was being born….and Mercury is our messenger.  It’s becoming clear as we move into the Full Moon on Friday, but it is still coming in and out of space.

3. This whole Mercury Retrograde coincided with Mars being Retrograde in Virgo (Mercury’s own sign)

…thoughts?: Healing.  Its all about healing.  Mercury gives us the information and the skills to do the healing, Mars gives us the will and the power to make is so. Together, it is the hope of these “gods” that much of the work has already been set in motion.
And so, Mercury goes direct tomorrow.  Usually, when Mercury turns around, we can expect some sort of epiphany to seep out from the shadows.  The brain fart pops.  The question is answered.  Our computer finally works again.  Whatever this truth may be, it will relate directly to where Mercury is in your chart currently.  Did the cycle happen in your 7th house, making you revisit and adjust how you relate to your partner? Did Mercury go retrograde in your 4th house, bringing forth the ideas of “What is home for me?” Should I stay or should I go? Wherever Mercury did his dance over the past 3 weeks, he made sure you got the idea.  His hope along with mine is that you have full awareness now of what needs to be done to allow the healing to begin.


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