Mars in Cancer: “The Warrior returns Home”

Mars in Cancer: “The Warrior returns Home”

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…with our hypnotic gaze pointed into the mercurial flow of inward study (Mercury Retro), another layer of sensitivity settles softly on our naked flesh; The Warrior has come home to rest.  It’s time to share some stories….

Mars enters Cancer on August 3 at 2:22 a.m. PDT / 5:22 a.m. EDT and will stay through September 18th. Today, as Mars enters Cancer, Mercury also just began his retrograde motion at 1 degree Virgo. When a planet is retrograde, it’s focus turns inward. It is a deep reflection into the nature of the Archetype, and how we are using it. Between Mars in reserved Cancer and four other celestial bodies retrograde (Uranus, Pluto, Chiron, and Neptune) the month of August may be quite the Inner journey.

Mars in your Birth Chart gives us the power to get what we want.  An inner Warrior who rules over the 3rd Chakra, relating to our Free Will. Mars is our ability to take action and make change in the world! He is also the commander of Pluto’s army–meaning, he does the dirty work for the Soul.  If Mars is “our” Will Power, then Pluto is our Soul’s Will Power.  Jeff Green, author of Pluto 1 & 2, talks a lot about the Phasal relationship between Pluto and Mars, and how Mars can be an indicator of how long a particular desire has been emanating from the Soul (check out his books for more info).  And with Mars in Cancer, the bottom line is this: The only security that can be forever relied upon, is the security found in our own hearts.  By giving external objects power for our security needs, we will always suffer, because manifestations in the material world–no matter how real they seem–will always slowly fall through our fingers.  Impermanence, impermanence, within the firmaments! As the Buddha says, “To end your suffering, you must end your Desires;” …you must train your Mars!

Mars in Cancer is driven to manifest emotional security. It is said that Mars is “Fallen” in Cancer, meaning that he is weak here.  I feel he is only weak in Cancer if you compare him to the stereotype of what Mars is usually said to be like.  If you think that Mars needs to be fighting for a cause, competing, and acting the part of the Hero, then perhaps you can come to some conclusion about how Mars can be weak here.  On the other hand, if you really sit with this energy, you will see, that Mars isn’t weak, he is vulnerable.  Cancer is the sign/Archetype where we discover our emotional body.  It shows us our sensitivities and preferences in life. When Mars moves into Cancer, his Will is directed into finding ever lasting security. And again, its never going to last, if it is found outside one’s own heart. When Mars needs healing; he will come home to rest. Home is relative here, but its essential–whether literally “going home” or no. This world is a dangerous place, there are wars being fought–inside and out– there is destruction and corruption infecting the collective, and finally, Mars is able to admit: “It’s time to recoup; I’m tired and worn; it’s time for the Lion to lay with the Lamb!”

*Mars will be making some serious aspects over the next couple weeks to the Outer planets as well!

As Mars moves into Cancer on Wednesday, the first aspect he makes is to Neptune via a Trine aspect. Trines bring “harmony” and an ease of flow with their interaction.  What I see with this aspect is a dream; a dream involving the past, and the destruction which lies therein.  Neptune is offering Mars an opportunity to feel what he has done, by not just dreaming/seeing it, but feeling the results deeply! After all, Neptune does relate to the Mutable water in our bodies, which is Emotion! Neptune offers us Truth.  There is nothing that can be manipulated by the information this potent Outer Planet provides.  And what is the Truth for us personally? Only you know, but it will no doubt relate to how you have been using your energy, and how you have been affecting other people in your life! If you have been hurtful, its a time of great redemption; if you have been kind, the healing waters will course even deeper into your being.  Only time (Saturn) will tell….

Great inner battles shall begin when Mars moves forward and gets blasted by the battalion of the Cardinal Cross. An opposition to Pluto in Capricorn speaks to power struggles, potential manipulation, and secret desires; a square to Saturn in Libra creates an inward tension that could manifest in many ways, but most predictably, in relationships; and a square to Uranus in Aries (ruled by Mars) is best understood by a question posed by Uranus himself: “Are you finally ready to use your energy to rise up into your True Individuated state, or are you still chicken, and more happy with your current state of living in your Mother’s basement!?”

This Cardinal Cross will be in effect until August 25th (just a day before Mercury Retro ends). It’s gonna be rough, but its meant to help us mature and grow up.  Mars is like a troubled teen at times and these potent, elder, Transpersonal planets will be giving Mars a hard time, but its coming from Love. It’s about reality checks (Saturn), evolution (Uranus), and detoxification (Pluto)! And so, they serve me another question through the ether’s, for you, my dear reader:

How did you react the last time someone said “No” to something you really, really wanted? How did you react?






…If you have Cardinal planets (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) in your chart, you will be impacted more intensely than those who do not.  If you do not know the answer to this question, u can always cast your chart on, or you could also set up a Reading with me, and I can help you better understand the implications of all of this Stellar energy in your life.  You can contact me at KOSMOGNOSIS@GMAIL.COM.





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  1. last time someone said no, yesterday, he didn’t feel like taking a walk into the sunset with me and dog. I made a bummer/pouty face and continued to wrap my body around his as we watched a movie. I let it go. Another day, another sunset even though I did really need to go and the dog of course always needs to go for a walk!