Mars retrograde
unknown artist

Show your face

don’t be afraid
of all the possible projections, insecurities, darts, or cruel words still stuck in the web
it’s safe. There is no need to hide behind false images carefully crafted to hide your essence
Snap the shot
show off your face
When the sticky, alluring pollen lures you to the stage
stand your ground
know you are worthy to sing in the divine chorus with all your idols
beam through the windows on your face
radiate your truth
Where hollowed out plants peel open the Earth
your body
those blocks
and a spirited hand reaches towards yours
don’t pull away when/and if it gets cold
save your face…and theirs
When you find yourself encircled by unsavory company
in the wrong part of town
don’t put on a mask
it won’t protect you
be raw, be open, be you
you will be safe
Where friends may lure you in
and surprise you by showing their true face
their ugly intentions
dig your heels into the earth
put the shield down
and radiate your truth from this place
the earth will tremble
And If her hair turns to snakes
or scorpions begin to crawl from his eyes
don’t flee
Show your face
& tell
…Today, Mars slithers back into Scorpio and will remain until August 2nd. Unresolved content buried deep in our cells will emerge. Frienimies, possible enemies, and all fears and phobias will find their remedies as long as we show up for the work and show our true face. Be honest. Be transparent. Be fearless. This, is the alchemical process where we separate the toxins, purifying the substance, and find the Philosophers Stone. You are the teacher, the shaman, the magi, the Divine Comedian.
Learn to love your fears, your addictions, your enemies. There is no other way.

* Last Sunday, I held a class on Mars. We talked a lot about these themes. We also looked at nearly a dozen chart examples to illustrate these points. You can listen with the link below: Also, if you would like to set up a Mars specific reading, now would be the time….oOo