Art by  Michal Karcz

One of the greatest questions of them all is: What to do?

If you can’t shake the grief and all you see is chaos in the world, have you tried turning your gaze to all of the beauties around you?

…If you still can’t see them and your mind feels like the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” ask yourself: When was the last time I picked up trash that wasn’t mine?

…….If you get uncomfortable when the homeless ask you for monies, remember: They are the Divine incognito.

……….If you don’t believe that, try stoping for just a minute, giving them some eye contact and a little conversation. See what happens next.

………If you find it impossible to shake the macabre news around the world, consider, just maybe, you’ve allowed the News Demons direct access to your limbic.

…..And if think the world is fucked and “God is dead,” perhaps, you’ve never met Her.

If we could only remember to love everything, to think for ourselves, and to listen, it’s my feeling, we would know exactly what to do.

(Yesterday, Saturn and the Sun made their yearly opposition.  A culmination in their cycle, a moment which asks the same question above: What to do?  You know! We all know.  First thought, best thought.  Just don’t be lazy about it.  And today, the mysterious sea breeze carries a fishy smell, yet somehow gets us to turn even further within.  Neptune is now retrograde and will be until November 22nd.  Nothing to fear, unless your are afraid of questioning your assumptions about reality, resistant to waking up, and petrified of the sea.)

Long days & pleasant nights my friends,


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