Art by Frank Frazetta

There is a pernicious assumption along the Path which shields anger from its proper expression.  Not sure where it comes from, but I’m certain of where it goes.  If the fire-starter is starved of breathe and sealed off, it’s only a matter of time before he blows.  We need to address him.  She needs to be understood.  Something needs to be hit, belted out, burned, buried, blessed, and finally alchemized.  Because if we don’t, if we try our best to ignore the monsters in our deep and write off the demons in our heads, they will grow fiercely.  And the haunting begins…

We always have a choice though.  We can put up a sign outside the door like the crazy man Dale Pendell once did, saying “Demons Welcome,” to expedite the process.  A brave and dangerous option; Not sure I recommend it.  Or we can enter the “cave we fear” as Joseph Campbell pointed towards, with his courageous intellect, and discover the “treasure we seek.” We have options.  But we must begin by admitting two things:

  1. We have a darkness

  2. It’s ok to be with it for awhile

(On the other side of the Sun, a palaver has begun.  A long and uncomfortable conversation between Mars and Mercury about the topics discussed.  It’s safe to say, it’s been happening for a couple days.  That it could reach a conclusion today and we then get to reflect upon it for a couple more days still.  They both have great points, both of which really hit home–It’s a conjunction between the two in Cancer.  Mars yells from the top of his childhood home, “It’s not fair. Why me.  What did I do to deserve this. Fuck you…whoever you are.  This is hell.”  Mercury gently floats to his side, looking like a cross between a hobo and Gandalf–he’s been through something, an underworld kind of something–and points to the shark floating around their heads, and says, “We fear what we do not understand.  And because so many refuse to acknowledge what lives beneath the waves, what patrols our abyss, it begins to haunt us. Dive in. Get to know what lives beneath all thought streams and emotional waves.  By doing this, something will be set free. Perhaps, a few degrees of that anger.)

Long days & pleasant nights my friends,


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