Aquarius Moon
art by Ali Gulec's

Apoptosis is the process of programmed cell death that occurs in all multicellular organisms.  It means “falling off” in Greek and in an average human adult, nearly a 100 billion cells “fall off” of “us” each day. It is as natural as leaves falling from a tree, but when there’s too much of it, atrophy occurs, too little, uncontrolled cell proliferation, such as cancer who soon raises its dark flag. Thank the gods old and new we don’t have to think about this cellular mind melter throughout the day, but we do have just as big of a task: Managing our energy!

When it comes to work, whether we are starting something up, managing the dream that came true, or still happily caught in the mundane, washing dishes and talking shit, there’s a lot to be managed.  When the work begins eating away at our joys, our hobbies, our social life, our love life, our….lives, good medicine is needed.  Flipped, when we think we will be overjoyed by not having to work, by having all the time in the world to learn the pan flute, socializing into boredom, and having sex until our parts fall off, again, good medicine is needed.  Whatever the medicine is, it will be different for everyone, but if you are listening to the plants, they will tell you.

And so, from the cellular level all the way into the hungry mouth of a black hole, life is letting go, always knowing exactly how it goes, allowing life to create life once again.  My advice: If something is gnawing at your reserves, stealing your precious time and energy, Apoptosis!  If you feel resentful because you’ve allowed your commitments to go to far, Apopto baby!  And if you think you’re good, and everything’s perfect, Apop!!!

(Zanny, microscopic reflections seen trough the lens of the Aquarius Moon who squares Mercury in this moment.  Gift yourself a few days dreams throughout the day to contemplate the micro and the macro and their mind bending abilities to just LET GO! If in your own body, there are billions of funerals a day, you can have a few as well, as your prune your life into perfection.  Make space for your beautiful flowers to bloom my friends.)



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