Venus Retrograde
Gorgeous Art by Jamie Kaminskas

The time has come to remove the bandage…

What the left hand is to reveal can only be discovered once all eyes are open.  So much of our seeing and believing is conditioned by the right, which etches out the foundations of all convention.  It can only get us so far.  When the cloth is removed from the left eye, we see beyond all norms, feeling pulled towards the edges, where all ideas originate.  To reach the edges we must address taboo and move beyond it, embracing vulnerability and potential rejection to be granted access to the luminous edges where all things have yet to pass.  Once we reach our destination, two ravens caw over head, beaming a life changing message:

The one named Huginn, who protects the territory of Thought, reminds us to think for ourselves, that it’s all in our minds.

The one named Muninn, who circulates the loops of Memory, shows us the subjective nature of the past, and just how influenctial it can be on the present.

And somewhere, way beyond the edges of culture, Odin slowly rises, pockets empty, in search for his runes, which will clearly speak about our futures past.

We are on the precipice of something big.  The Ravens agree, it’s called Love.

(As Venus feels her way through the darkness, she needs to be reminded to take the bandage off from her left hand.  We can help with this.  She is retrograde, yes, but she is also nearly the closest she gets to the Earth.  If we sing loud enough and pray just as deep, she will hear us, and we can assist her in her journey through the shadows.  In turn, she will help us the same in our pursuit for the Truth of our Hearts, materializing a golden comb into our hands, one that is perfect for combing out those heart strings.)



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