Uranus SRx
Art by Stephan Martiniere
There is a space–not too different from our own–where Ideas seem come from. We can’t point to it, yet we can do our best to describe it, so I shall try:

When we are close, it feels akin to what happens when contemplating Pyramids.

It transcends time and creates it’s own space.

Lucky for us, we all have access to it.

Eternal patience it possesses.

Gracious with it’s sharing,

all we need to do is ask.

Or just show up!

It composed every tune ever scratched from the Akashic record player.

Late night listens

outside of Time

The Programmer reprogramming


Arguably, the greatest natural resource we have available to us is our Imagination. We must use it wisely. If we allow it to atrophy, other peoples findings in there will fill ours. If we are lazy in our management of fear sprouts, stress slugs, and sadness sloths, the canopy of our minds will be so overgrown, we will forget about the Sun. We can’t ever forget the Sun. It is our ride to this place. I say take it!
(This World of Eternal Ideas I speak of can be called Uranus. And tomorrow, something messes with its wires, making it appear to stop, then begin to move backwards. We call this retrogradation. We’ve only been observing this phenomena with Uranus for a megabyte of generations, yet much has been gleaned. For nearly half of every year, the One who spins sideways, appears to move the other way. A symbol for this station is a “celestial choir singing.” [29 Aries] If you allow the voices to take you, you will end up in the precise location I have been attempting to describe. A Noosphere. A world made of Ideas. A space with much to say about this upcoming Eclipse).
Long days & pleasant nights my friends,

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