merkabah by btrabu

The 17th-century poet, Jean de La Fontaine, once said, “A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.” Meaning: For every choice we make to avoid the pull of gracious opportunity, we step closer to destinies door.  I feel destiny to be neutral though.  It doesn’t always lead us to the fields of elation. Sometimes, it is a descending staircase which leads straight to hell.  We always will have a choice.

With Jupiter now in Scorpio, surveying the current zeitgeist, it may be helpful to look back and wonder what it was like last time.  In the Fall of 2005, throughout most of 2006, was the last time Jupiter sunk into these brackish depths. Before that, 93/94; 81/82; 70/71 etc, every 12 years on this interval.  I would have to look deeper into all of these years to establish a sound theory, yet I do find it interesting, that during these times we find a historical kind of dying.  An end to an era. A sacrifice to a voice.  A tragedy to dissolve an entire subculture.

Paste magazine wrote, “By the Summer of 1994 Grunge was pretty much dead.” Of course, this was in the wake of Cobain’s suicide in April of that year, but the winds had already begun to change. The angsty soundtrack of the early 90’s was co-opted by the mainstream culture, and it’s vital circulation began to dry up. Skipping back a couple sojourns of Jupiter in Scorpio, we find ourselves in the early 70’s, when we lost Jim, Jimi, Janis, and much more.  Perhaps, the wave of psychedelia had broke, and thus began Destinies descent of yet another subculture.  It is my guess, we can keep looking back and discovering more and more of this trend. Why? Well, if Jupiter relates to a magical kind of touch, which expands our understanding of the subject at hand, and if Scorpio is a confrontation with decay, death, and ultimately transformation, then we have a germ of a theory of what this combination might mean.  Jupiter in Scorpio is a profound opportunity to understand when certain things must die, giving life to what’s next.  Best to understand what needs composting, not allowing it to compost you.

Back in 2006, I was completely tapped out of the “Big World.” All I can collect of the memories which remain are a couple near death experiences (NDE’s), a profound interest in plant shamanism, and the sharpest tools I could find to drill into the core of my human dilemma at the time–Astrology was one such tool. So much had to die.  Having a Scorpio Moon, I’m sure it helped.  It was an incredibly magical time. It excites me about whats to come with this passing of Jupiter in Scorpio.  If it does inflate the creatures of the dark, it’s best to face them head-on, not to avoid them.  We meet destiny either way.  It’s a sprouting wisdom which whispers: Don’t avoid it! Change is inevitable. It’s like a shadow.  If we aren’t careful, that Shadow can become our destiny.  Be careful with your choices. Also, be wise with your grip. You could be holding on too tight.

Nothing to fear, Jupiter is here…. in the deepest kind of way.

Long days and pleasant nights my friends,