Astrology of Inauguration Day
mural by the artists Dominykas
It’s all happening. In just two hours from now, thousands will take to the streets, exercising their freedom of speech, seeing who will “trump” who as the “man” himself gives his Inaugural speech. Now, as you know, I do my best to remain far out on the periphery of politics, trying hard to hold myself back from commenting on the horrific center, where so many of our minds are focused. This may seem torpid of me, but it’s not. Because I have a choice, I would much rather hold down a space for remembering what we forget when stirred by infuriating puppet shows in the “world out there.” It’s not that it doesn’t matter, it does, but we always have a choice. So, you will find me tending the fire, telling stories with the stars, laughing and dancing and loving in the remembrance of what we really are, and what we are truly here to do. Love?
Now, as I’m sure all Astrologer’s can relate to, I have been getting a barrage of emails about Trump, and why is it I don’t talk or write more about him and the future of America. The selfish answer is: I honestly don’t have any desire to add the conversation. For me, there are more important issues at hand. And the more objective answer is: I don’t know. I don’t think anybody knows. But what I do know, is that Spirit works in mysterious ways, and when you contemplate this Inauguration Chart, you see a freshly unpacked Aquarian Sun pointing towards revolutionary change and the Scorpio Moon in its final quarter, planning an exorcism, readying the world for catharsis.
It may be best to use a quote from an Inaugural speech from way back in 1932, given by FDR, “The only thing We have to fear Is Fear itself.” Once we deal with the root of our fears, we remember: We don’t know enough to worry. Cheer up cheerio. You are still breathing, right?

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