“A doctor who doesn’t know Astrology, is no doctor at all, but a fool…”

Hippocrates “Father of Western Medicine”


How does Astrology really work?  Honestly, I have no idea, but what is strange, is that I know it does.  A skeptic at heart, resistant to Astrology for most my life, it has come in with tidal fashion, and convinced me of its efficacy.  Here are some ideas I have around this ever present question….

.: Common conceptions :.

oOo 2014-03-21 at 4.19.15 PM To the scientific minded, Astrology is simply a hoax for the gullible.  I felt this way for many years.  They say: …”it is not possible for the Planets to have an influence on our lives, the gravitational pull is too small. I say, “It’s not about gravitational pull.” They say, “What about the 13th sign, Ophiuchus, doesn’t that throw off the entire Zodiac?” I say, “There are many Zodiacs to understand the cosmos through.” they may say, “I have seen experiments, studies as well, that have been done, proving Astrology as a hoax; I believe it is” I say, “Welp, someday, somehow, maybe you will open up to it, in the way I have grown to understand it.”

Astrology belongs in the realm of Poetry, not Science.  It relates to an arising of universal, archetypal—even mythic—phenomena, not to science, and something which can be repeated, over and over again.  The chart—whatever one it is you cast, is specific to that moment, only for that particular situation.  This is all that matters.  And in it, is one of the greatest forms of magic, and agape, I have ever encountered (i don’t say this lightly).

.: What Astrology is to me:.

8324c60482bf494974721ce1de13fc0e Once upon a time, I did feel Astrology to be a “science.” I’m not sure of this now.  Yes, an argument can be made for it being so, but I do think it more belongs in the realm of art and poetry.

My main interest with Astrology is healing.  Healing in the sense of: Becoming complete again, and remembering what we truly are. This takes place in the Psyche, unlocking mistakes of the Intellect. Through this process, anything is possible.  It’ s what convinced me of its potency, and it is still what convinces me day after day.

Having done thousands of chart readings at this point in my baby career, I now know one thing for sure: Astrology is impossible to understand—it keeps expanding for me, surprising me, and putting so many pieces back together.  Like any good system of understanding, Astrology is a multidisciplinary study of life.  It’s not just about psychological factors, telling you how you are.  It’s more than that.  It shows the Soul, past lives, misunderstood emotional traumas, and blind spots not even the most conscious practitioner can point out in you.  In some ways, Astrology seems to be the language of god.

.: What can it do :.

astro graphs Astrology can do so many things.  It can help you find lost objects, understand your emotional triggers, past lives, future potential, the most auspicious road to walk down, where to move, when to act, when not to act, and when not to pay attention to it.  It is simply a system of understanding.  It is not a religion; there is no dogma which surrounds it—at least in my approach.  It is cosmic linguistics, helping you pull off the most stunning gymnastic moves to land the 10 point landing on the road to Truth.

In the beginning of my studies, my main interest was diagnostics.  I had a healing arts practice, and I wanted to use Astrology to better assist my clients.  I was never great at pulse, tongue, and pee diagnostics.  Astrology offered me an all seeing eye into the heart of what was going on. My interest was/is healing, in wholeness, and getting on with the process of remembering.  That’s all.

.: Examples :.

oOo 2014-03-21 at 4.19.15 PM If Astrology were a science, interpretations could be repeated.  Problem is, they can’t.  Everybody is different.  We all have a variant nature, a past filled with different nurturing, and our Souls existing in a different evolutionary states ( a matter to be discussed in another blog).

For example, I was listening to an incredible interview with the software designer for Solar Fire the other day, and he—in a Uranian way—was talking about creating a system where interpretations could be replicated.  Being a man of not many strong opinions, I had to disagree with this.  I don’t feel any two signatures are the same. If you have, say, Sun square Saturn in your Natal chart, you may read in the books, that you are prone to depression, set backs in life, and an existence of hard knocks.  This, in some sense, could be true, but does it have to be? Is it always going to show up in the same way?  I don’t think so…Depending on the nature of the Soul, the courage of that individual, it can be a character builder.  The challenges that life offers can construct the most incredible human being, depending on their choices. So, naturally, I don’t believe in fate either.  I believe in magic, and our ability to work consciously with these universal archetypes.

.: Resting in the mystery :.

f362e9b917ac91f450d3b98d104d65b2 I could give you a thousand and one examples of why I feel Astrology works, and what its relevance may be, but I will spare you.  It doesn’t matter.  But what does matter, is that you made it this far in reading my article, so a part of you believes.  Doesn’t matter if you know why or not, just rest in the fact that you do.  The mystery is a wonderful thing to take a nap in, and rest your wary left hemisphere.  Astrology can be used in so many different ways, may you find a way to access it that helps you remember, to heal, and to get on with it.  Life is too short not to believe in magic.  Life was made for this.



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