Full Moon in Gemini
art by Camille Chew

When she lifts you out of bed

during the Spirit hours to tell you a secret,

you know you’ve got a good one.

Silver threads of memory weave tapestries

of longing,


and hope beyond words.

Tidal motions from a future’s past

reflect legions of ideas,

all of which are pulled under,

again and again,

by cloud foam

Surrendering is the hardest part

There is a way of being

in us

inspired by 10,000 subtle waves

of emotion

of examples

in others.

It’s time to become It.

Connect the dots.

Weave the web.

Rejoice in her hands.

(Early hour reflections from the searing Full Moon in Gemini, who would not let me rest a moment longer.  Not until I was done weaving.  It’s exact at 5:05 pm MST. That challenging hour, starved of healthy celebration)

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