Eris Astrology
art Brian Pollett

Bill Hicks once said, “We are the facilitators of our own creative evolution.” That is, by uncovering the natural line of connection we have to the Muse, and exploring it authentically, something evolutionary occurs—inside of us and also for the entire culture.

It’s hard to do though.  We are way too sensitive to critique and whether our creations will equate to money.  These are the Muse killers.  We can never allow these artistic demons to muddy up or even dam up the flow of pure inspiration.  We must create for the act of creating, gifting to the world with what life cannot.  Even if you don’t identify with being an artist or a creative type, you are.  You cook right? Organize your house? Make babies? Everything we do is an act of creation.  To realize this, and to make a practice of beautifying our surroundings through every action is a noble deed indeed.

There are many places to look for creative correlations in an astrology chart, yet they all begin with Aries.  The birthing fire of this space is like a supernova.  It begins with a unique idea, incubates it for a short while, then detonates it, opening up fresh paths into the mysterious forests of the unconscious.  This is where the pioneering qualities of this sign come from.  And if this is true, then we should be paying close attention to this once in a lifetime transit occurring in Aries at the moment, a trialogue between Eris, Uranus, and Ceres…(24 Aries)

Eris was discovered in 2005 and was the cause of the dwarfing of so many planetary bodies, like Pluto.  With an orbital period of nearly 600 years, she can be likened more to a generational influence, an epoch shifter, a consensus disrupter than a personal archetype. Her home: Discordia!  The verdict is still out on much of her correlations, yet with Uranus and Ceres both visiting at the moment, there is essential information erupting in the collective imagination regarding all of our personal evolutions.

Eris conjures up images of brave individuals from the past, showing us the results of their bravery, and not giving a fuck.  The revolutionaries and the game changers…. like Bill Hicks for example (Who actually had an Aries Moon).

Uranus, as the hardware of consciousness comes online, raising his antennae high into the unseen realms, and begins to defrag from cultural conditioning, becoming more than excited to create it’s own culture.

And Ceres shows us the value of time alone.  How necessary it is to find and be nourished by the fruits that are found in our independent wanderings through the jungles of our dreams.

The three of them together chant in harmony:

“Create, create, don’t you hesitate. Create, create, don’t worry, people  gonna hate.” (A wonderful chorus)

Get to it.  Beautify your world in all the necessary ways.  Smile and wink at the haters, then get back to it.

*I’m no expert on Eris, but I do have a Masters degree on Uranus transits.  To know what Uranus is saying to you, always, is one of the most freeing voices to pay attention to, and act upon in our lives.  If you would like to know more….



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