Venus sextile North node
Art by Martin Precthel

There are days when the wind seemingly is stolen from our sails, when the Sun shines upon everybody else’s face but our own, and no matter where we go, it feels as if there is a goblin lurking around the corner to tamper with our momentum towards happiness, but today is not one of those days…

Today seems more like an angel or two will reside upon our shoulders, whispering sweet words of patient wisdom into our ears while flaps of unseen wings tend to make the day lighter, brighter, more saturated with Divine meaning. It could take a few hours for it to kick in, but for every brave step you make towards love, She will step two. It may emerge in the form of a warm amber sensation, oozing swiftly through our meridians, gifting us long overdue clarity in our life. It could show up with a split in the clouds, where an unknown yet familiar face descends down to greet you, to help you remember magic, and how everything is ok. It could even be present in the form of money, food, or inspirational music. It is a harvest which will help us remember the work we have placed into the soils of our Soul. And if this seems untrue, benign even, run swiftly to the nearest waters edge, sit there, for as long as it takes, until the answer comes to tell you what is blocking such magical gifts from your heart. Then, re-read.

(A relayed message from the Moon in Scorpio who is reaching out for a hug from Venus. She is currently best friends with the Virgo Dragon [Venus in Scorpio sextile the North Node of the Moon in Virgo])


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art by Martin Prechtel