nodes of the moon
art by Mark Chadwick
If you find yourself aimlessly scrolling through feeds, stop right here! There may be something for you.
If you are wondering what it is you will discover, this is good. Wonder is essential.
If you consider yourself a creative person, I wonder: When was the last time you lost time with your Muse?
If it was recent, I’m happy for you. Please share a morsel in the comments.
But, if you find yourself staring at a blank page, having plateaued, go for a run, make some strong tea, and bring the page and pen outside. Revel.
If you often ask yourself: What is the purpose of my life? Yet, still wait for an answer. Patience. It will come in waves. You are asking the right question.
If you would call your life a disaster, with fingers pointed like pistols towards others, how dare you. It’s time to take responsibility for your reality.
If for some reason that triggered you, I wonder what opaque belief in you needs a massage, a softening, and a mutable spritzer.
If that doesn’t make sense, it’s not meant to. It’s poetry. It’s just wind through a keyhole, meant to blow you back into your heart center.
My point is this: Curiosity is the cure to many dis-eases and Adventure awaits. They feed off of each other like a snake to its tail. May it be, that you leap from that boring plateau and soar to the next, fascinating height. May you crack the code to your genius by doing something you have yet to try. And may your days be long, your nights pleasant, filled with intoxicating conversations.
(As Mercury, the ruler of the transiting North Node in Virgo approached a square to the Dragon who eats Suns and Moons, I found my mind snowed in. It’s a complex instrument-our minds. Especially when applied to creativity. Sometimes it flows, sometimes it blows. There was a lot of blowing over the past 12 hours. This is the nature of a square: a riddle that must be solved. Being it occurred in Sagittarius, I lined up all my limiting beliefs about myself, pulled out my bow and arrows, and had some target practice. The result? Sore fingers and better aim. The levy then broke. Can you relate? Do you need some target practice? Strong flow needs constant management. We’ve got to eat. Sleep is good. Balance is crucial. Yet, we must always be searching for other routes to the Truth. I hope this thought meander helped. If not, maybe next time)
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