Cougar Spirit

Nothing forces you into the present moment like feeling you are being hunted by a 200 lb cat…

On my morning stroll, just as I pierced this volcanic canyon outside of Salida, I stepped into a “cougar field.” Every being has a field, yet lion and bear fields are tangible.  They are large. Filled with hunger, warning, and instinct. They awaken a mostly dormant gene in us, one our ancestors knew like we know social media. A given. Kind of an annoyance.  Part of life.

Not even a dozen steps after I felt I had entered a hunting ground, I stumbled onto a fresh deer leg.  My guess: a sunrise kill.  Instinct told me to turn around, explore another trail, but then another voice kicked in, a macabre one, the kind that gets people to jump out of airplanes or swim with sharks.  A dark curiosity to walk with my fear. And so I did. With lots of feline prayers.

Along the trail, there was more blood, many prints, and plentiful amounts of scat to convince anyone the lion’s den was just around the corner. I continued forward.  When I crested the ridge, there she was: …The Moon! Waning over the Collegiate Peaks, in Leo. Ah hah, this cats symbol.  My mind immediately made the connection to the origin point of this lunation: Scorpio (remember that New Moon? Day before Halloween? Dark and desperate) Having made this correlation, the fear magically disappeared, and I had realized something about fear. It teaches sovereignty (A Leo idea; A way of understanding the square riddle between them; Leo/Scorpio that is).

By grabbing hold of fears sweaty palm and jumping right in, we learn sovereignty. That is: We all have supreme power over our experience.  Knowing that in any moment, we can be taken, the Soul comes alive. We transmute fear into radiant presence.  Animals don’t think about this, but they live this.  Through them, through fear, we can learn a thing or two about the moment.

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