“Three things you can’t hide from for long: The Sun, the Moon, and the Truth”


Sigil for Chiron
Chiron symbol by me

…We have known of Chiron since 1977.  Not exactly a planet, not really an asteroid,  but a planetoid–a visiter to our Solar system, who clearly has something to teach us about our humanity.  With an incredibly eccentric orbit, one lasting around 50 years, it is primarily positioned somewhere between Saturn and Uranus. He is a curious mediator between this world and that world, this timeline, and perhaps another.  He bridges the world we can measure (Saturn) and the ones that slip between our fingers (Uranus and beyond).  His symbol resembles a key and he has been deemed the “Wounded healer” by most, yet,  this is only the end of his story, and in my observations, plays just a minor part in his expression within all of us.

When you learn about Chiron through the old tales, one characteristic becomes immediately clear: He was a true Master and teacher.  Mentor to innumerable amounts of Greek heroes, healers, and gods, he was the maestro of plants and planets, dreams and visions, art and war, and, of course, Astrology.  I have witnessed in hundreds of peoples charts, this part of the Chiron myth to be quite true.  It is a remarkable skill, specific to House placement and Aspect, that remains dormant until we transcend the lies we tell ourselves around it.  There are stories in all us orbiting this eternal truth, stories that aren’t exactly true.  The lies we tell ourselves about ourselves, which likely, have a curious origin in our early biographies. Feelings of rejection and alienation and strange irony serve as necessary contents protecting this memory of mastery within all of us. Our goal: To get it at the root, then to walk forward into the great eastern Sun, knowing our own immortality.

In this post, I would like to share my observations with you, hopefully giving you an “ancient way, to look at a new friend.” The only way to know is to try it out, over and over again.  It hasn’t even been 50 years since we discovered Chiron, so why settle fully on the “wounded healer” archetype.   Perhaps, there is much more to the story. Here are my thoughts…

* Note: I am fully aware that the focus on mythological stories associated with planets (especially the newly discovered) can be quite skewed, false, and even a fools errand in attempting at squeezing meaning from them, yet, in Chiron’s case, I have seen many incredible parallels. Also, within the world of myth, time isn’t a factor.  So understanding them in a linear way can be short sighted, but really, I choose to look at the “beginning, middle, and end” in this way, just to isolate some of the characteristics of Chiron for the sake of clearer understanding.

.: Shiny surrogate symbols :.

Surrogate parents to Chiron
Apollo and Artemis

Chiron is the son of Saturn.  As with many of the Greco-Roman Gods, they are “rapey” by nature, and this is exactly how Chiron came to be.  Saturn (Chronos) turns himself into a horse, chases down this beautiful nymph named Philyra, and they have a centaur baby.  And the horror doesn’t stop there.  He was abandoned as the stories tell it, having to fend for himself, that is until Apollo and Artemis come to his aid (Sun and the Moon).

Being the son of a god, he was immortal.  So naturally, he had some time to heal and study and get things right.  Artemis (Moon) taught him all the feminine arts (healing, plants and planets, dreams, magic) and Apollo (Sun) all the masculine (strength, honor, valor, and even music).  Surrogate parents of a luminescent nature.  The symbol here is clear: Father sky, mother earth or moon are wonderful reminders that our biological parents—of course—are as flawed as we are, and it is part of our journey on the planet to remember this.

Psychologically speaking, rejection plays a huge part in this part of the story, and you see this clearly when studying Chiron in the chart.  There is usually a feeling of rejection related to his placement by house and aspect in the horoscope. 

Alienation also plays an important role.  It matches up nicely in knowing that Chiron was unique amongst his peers.  He didn’t grow up amongst other centaurs, so naturally, he was quite different having Sun and Moon as primary teachers.  He was considered civilized, respectful, wise, and quite a maverick amongst the debaucherous others who appeared the same.  Which leads me to my next point…

.: Anatomy of awakening :.

Anatomy of awakening
Art by Jason Holley

Centaurs, like satyrs and other mythological creatures, are hybrids.  In the case of a centaur, they are half horse, half man.  The lower halves of their bodies are horse, the upper half, human.  An interesting symbol of animal instinct vs. higher cognitive/human functions.  An evolution if you will.  But what is curious about Chiron, and this is true in many of the accounts, is that he’s even more hybrid than that: His front two legs are actually human legs, perhaps suggesting how he is more evolved than the others of his ilk.

I find it curious that the human part of the centaur begins at the sacrum, a place we could relate to the root chakra.  In the root of all of us, we encounter our primal urges, our need for place and security, and where the kundalini sleeps.  Whether you are a student of yoga, qi gong, or any other tradition which deals with this coiled serpent at the bottom of the spine, they all have the same idea around it: It needs to be awakened, but not too fast.

Through Chiron’s teachings, especially in the cases of Asclepius “the God of Medicine and Dreams” and Dionysius “God of Wine and Ecstasy” this serpents purpose can be found.  It is the symbol of the caduceus, and through proper ritual, cleansing, dreaming, and integration, it awakes, and then true healing takes place.  There are many stories of Chiron in the Dream Temples of Asclepius or the Eleusian mysteries as well, playing an important, psychopomp/shaman kind of role in the facilitation of these processes.

In other words, Chiron is a symbol of our evolution from the lower parts of our being-ness, into our higher forms.  He is a key to higher consciousness.

.: Father, Mentor, Muse :.

Chiron as the teacher
Art by Jean-Baptiste Regnault

The way Chiron taught, is always important to note.  He wasn’t just the headmaster of some school like in the Percy Jackson movies.  He was a true mentor—father figure even.  In the case of Achilles, he took him in, just as Apollo did for him, and treated him as a son.  There seems to be many suggestions as well about sexual connections between him and his students, but this is also cultural ( one most wonder what it must be like to get down with a centaur…?).

With this form of full immersion into the secret teachings, there is also guaranteed transmission.  I see Chiron as a true renaissance figure.  Good at everything, even better at teaching it.  Essentially, he taught you how to be human—which, is something we have fully forgotten in this day and age.

In our world, we are specialists.  Astronomers don’t agree with Astrologers, Western doctors know nothing about energy or planets or planets, just as many alternative healers couldn’t perform open heart surgery.  There are massive chasms between fields, and this is a problem.  Chiron was the bridge, just as he is between this world (Saturn, what we can see) and Uranus (another world, which we cannot).  This is important to sit with!

How to become more whole?

More rounded?


.: Mercy and miracle :.

The Wounded healer
Art by Melanie Lichtinger

It is only now that we come to the part of the story which relates to the popularized “Wounded healer” archetype.

As the story goes, Hercules was visiting another centaur by the name of Pholus, who was also said to be quite wise and civilized.  While dining together, Hercules spots a rumored and quite special bottle of wine in his rack, asking if he could do the favor.  Reluctant, yet not wanting to offend the great and esteemed Hercules, he opens it, knowing what was to come next…

Just as the bottle was corked, every centaur in the universe gathered in a crazed stamped towards Pholus’s quarters.  Why?  Because this wine was unlike any wine, it had a special power to it.  And amongst this stampede was Chiron as well.  Obviously, this wine was so supreme, that it strummed the dormant drinker inside of Chiron, and had him rushing with spirals in his eyes. A great teaching of susceptibility in ones deep nature. Nobodies perfect or without this dormant desire.

It was within this onslaught of crazed centaurs, when Hercules began launching poisonous arrows from Pholus’ cave, killing many/most of them as they advanced.  Unfortunately, Chiron was one of them who was hit.  Hercules had shot his own teacher on accident, thus opening up the “Wounded healer”  part of the tale.

It relates to paradox really.  Or irony if you want to see it that way.  But here we have the greatest healer and teacher that ever was, who, because of his immortality, could not die.  The arrows Hercules was launching from his quiver where actually fashioned by Chiron himself when he showed him how to use the poison of the Hyrdra/Medusa.  In a mortal, the moment it pierces the skin, you are dead; If you are immortal, well, as in Chiron’s case, you must live through the constant, ever persistent, nagging hell fire in the veins.  And no matter what he tried, nothing worked.  But he kept on teaching, despite his woes, and here, again, we have more of the “Wounded healer.”

I’m not saying this part of the story doesn’t relate to Chiron in the horoscope.  In fact, it very much does.  I have seen countless examples of Chiron in peoples lives being just like this—especially if it is strongly placed on an angle or the nodes of the moon.  It tends to relate to phrases we use in English like, “fake it till you make it, “ or  being a “great teacher, yet not able to take their own advice.” It is a paradox indeed, but it doesn’t have to last forever.

The final part of the story which is so beautiful, is the mercy element.  Hercules, of course, feeling like he would rather kill himself than watch his beloved teacher go on like this, makes a deal with his father, Jupiter/Zeus.  The deal was that if he were to release Chiron from his eternal bondage, he would also agree to teach all of the demi-gods in the other worlds, in trade, allowing Prometheus (the Uranian titan who shared not just fire, but countless secrets with the humans) from the rock he was chained to, allowing him to return to the world, and do his thing.  A great trade, one which I still don’t fully understand what Jupiter gets out of,  but none-the-less, a great trade.  And so it was, Chiron was released, made into the constellation Centaurus, and to this very day is teaching many a demi-god how to be fully human—or, god like.  Same same.


Without conclusion, yet hopefully equipped with new questions related to Chiron, we can all play a role in learning more about this “new friend” in our lives.  We now have another perspective on dealing with rejection from mom or dad in relation to a particular area of our lives, or alienation from our peers because of our unique genius.  There is the memory of mastery inherent within the story—which isn’t specific to healing at all—that we can tap into, and hopefully, someday soon begin to teach.  Maybe, we can begin to see clearer into the possible irony in the way we are living and speaking and teaching in contrast to what we are actually doing in our free time.  And then, ultimately have that agreement with God (Jupiter) to where he gifts us some sweet old mercy so we can finally be released from the “impossible” story we tell ourselves in our heads, always keeping in mind, that by walking this road, there is a key in our hands, which is Chiron, and if wielded properly, will open doors unseen—even, unimagined.  

To condense it all in to one simple phrase: Chiron holds the key to Transcendence, but we must realize we’ve been holding the key all along.

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