art by sascha moi
To be strong we must be intimate with resistance. The resistance to struggle, to move, to love, to be empty enough to allow the entire cosmos to express itself through us.
We were given bodies for this reason. Are you getting the most out of yours?
When we are fully embodied and healthy, we are granted access to all the miracles of life. We get to learn our limits from the mountain, rewarded by an eagles perspective. We get to dance like fire through any emotion, to find the warm hollow in our center. We get to sing like the reed and harmonize with the music of the spheres. And, of course, we get to feel Divine magnetism between other bodies, and share in the ten thousand joys possible between them.
Our body allows us to be somebody. Everybody has this gift. We aren’t nobody. We are nature’s body and this, is the lion’s gift. Play with it!
(Today, the Mars cycle finally begins…in Leo. Having been hiding from us, behind the Sun for most the Summer, he now is in the heart of the Sun, and will slowly ascend back into the sky in September. The message? Get in your body! Be proud of who you are and what you will become. Sharpen your Will by taking action, not doubting yourself. Strive to be optimized in this blessed form you have been born into. When healthy, we are kinder; When we aren’t, we can be ruthless. We must do our best not to be a wounded animal lashing out at the world. It’s not their fault. It ours. Be fearless and play.)

Long days & pleasant nights my friends,



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