polish the mirrorart by Cody William Smith

Polish the mirror so we can see clearer

Push back the clouds and reflect love superior

Within the lotus, it all comes in focus

This love, it ain’t hopeless

It’s no hocus pocus

–Trevor Hall “To Zion”

Ram Dass reflects to us, “…that when we polish the mirror of the heart with daily practice, only then can we see beyond the illusion of our transient thoughts and emotions and into to the vast and luminous landscape of our true nature.” This is the ultimate, yet, when we open our eyes and begin engaging with the world with all its complex beings, we don’t always like what we see. We are quick to blame, sometimes even quicker to shame, but what we always tend to forget is we are gazing into mirrors.
I remember when I was a kid, when I first learned about the three fingers aiming back when we point at something, with the thumb shooting off into some unwilling direction. It stuck with me. Whenever I catch myself doing it, I immediately ask the question, “What am I seeing in this reflection and how can I polish the mirror.” Also, I find it important to add to this idea by contemplating the planets involved with these fingers:
Jupiter is the index finger, our default pointer. Like a wand powered by our beliefs and convictions of the world, we unconsciously attempt to expand our universe by pointing it all out. Problem is, our own perspective is just that, our own. No need to always point out the obvious in others. Better to take a good long look in the mirror.
The first of the three aiming back at us, is the middle finger, ruled by Saturn. When isolated and aimed at the sky, there is no better way in our culture to let someone know of our disappointment. And when aimed back at ourselves, whilst pointing, Saturn is basically saying, “Oh, fuck off. You do it too.”
The second of the three pointing back, straight into the heart is our ring finger, ruled by Venus. She reminds us that if we keep fighting with the external world, pointing out all the faults in others without examining the fertile grounds within, no ring will ever slip down that finger.
Finally, we have our pinky, ruled over by Mercury. I’m sure you’ve thought, “Whats the point of my pinky? I bet I could live without it.” But no, you would actually suffer quite a bit. Without the alliance of pinky and ring finger, we lose 50% of the power in our hands. Testament of the power of perception Mercury offers us. In some sense, he is the mirror we are polishing. When pointing back at ourselves, he laughs, knowing the trick is on us.
And of course, the thumb. Some say Sun, some say Mars, most agree the thumb rules over the Will though. Think of babies, and how they hold their thumb… It’s usually hidden in a closed fist, isn’t it? Or being sucked on. The Will is being incubated in the first couple years of life (a Mars cycle). And when pointing, it’s flailing off into some unknown direction. We don’t know what we are doing. Our disappointment, our anger, our rage is just firing off into some unfocused region of space. Always best to be aware of how we are utilizing this willful flame (Just don’t punch with it inside your fist, or you’ll end up regressing and sucking on it for a good while)
And so it goes…Next time you point at someone, contemplate such ideas, and then use your beautiful hands to continue polishing the mirror.
* This was a gift from Chiron, who is trined, groomed, and polished by Venus today. The Cancer Goddess dresses our wounds, and gifts us with a book and a song to help in this polishing process.

Book: Polishing the Mirror by Ram Dass

Music: Trevor Hall “To Zion”