“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”

Robin Williams


I have been contemplating for some time now on how I would like to approach this post.  At first, it was my idea to give a thorough review of 2014, creating an astrological foundation for the year ahead.  I scratched it.  Then, I thought, “I should write my first Horoscopes, giving all twelve signs their proper attention on what 2015 has in store.  I tossed it as well.  My concluding feelings surround a desire not to look back and not too look forward too much, but to find ourselves here and now, with a black page in front of us, pen in hand, eager to write the most enticing story of our lives.

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.: Sheep year and the “end” of Pluto/Uranus :.

I treat the yearly Chinese Horoscopes the same way I do with most Sun Sign horoscopes—with a skeptical, yet entertaining eye.  2014 did bring some horses into my life, but did it influence the entirety of the year with its quick wits and energetic animism?  Not sure.  I know there is a depth to Chinese Astrology, layers unseen yet by me, carried through the ages by Taoist sages and priests, but again, I know very little.  But what I will do is playfully comment on the Sheep Year, fusing it with some of the highlights I see from a Western, evolutionary lens.

Electric sheep

Bamboo forests

So much awakening

This broken haiku says it all.  In the research I did do on the Sheep year, I found nothing but sweet and savory optimism on what this year will bring: a year of peace, harmony, tranquility, toned with a Yin quality, great diplomacy with nations etc…This is good! Ya?  Of course it is, and it’s not that I’m pessimistic, or choose to play the devil’s advocate, but there are loads of surprises just beneath the surface, as long as we are willing to pull back the layers for a peek.

For instance, the final Pluto/Uranus square (7 of 7) will happen in mid March.  Even though the energies will still be felt for the remainder of the decade, this is a big deal.  Since June of 2012, the world has been rattling and reeling and breaking through many structures with revolutionary transformations (Read more here). The process of this square is simple, yet incredibly challenging to execute: Expose our darkest secrets (Pluto), and experience an upgrade (Uranus). 

In the big world, the one “out there,” we saw Wikileaks and the assistance of Edward Snowden exposing the truth about NSA spying; Did it change the system? Did we experience an upgrade to our individual freedoms? Maybe…  And in our own lives, depending on our bravery, we have been faced with a darkness, a truth which has been lying dormant for most of our lives, and did we face it? Did we expose the truth, courageously admitting our weaknesses, then experiencing profound regeneration, and some sort of evolutionary upgrade?  I bet you did! 

Again, there has been 7 exact squares between these two over the past 3 years, each one acting as a marker along our Collective spine, pointing towards all the chakras in ascending order.  Next stop: The top, the Crown chakra, the Sahashara, the thousand petaled lotus which blossoms up towards the truth of Truths. This is definitely something to look forward to, and plan for.

I have a screen saver on my computer called “Electric sheep.”.  It’s amazing.  Based off of a Philip K. Dick novel, contemplating the idea of what androids might dream of (dazzling sheep or fractals?), there is a couple ideas in this I wish to unpack in relation to this cyberdelic idea:


1. Year of the sheep, we are the “sheep.”

…at least this is what they would like to think.  If you are reading this, you are not a sheep.  You cannot be herded by the lies and deceptions any longer.  You have come too far.  But we still have work to do.  What is so amazing about the screensaver “Electric sheep,” is that it is always changing, constantly complexifying, exponentiating the information and its expressions.  It does this via submissions from users: fractal patterns, likes and dislikes, computer geek stuff, material I honestly don’t fully understand, but it’s rich.  Now, taking this idea and placing it in our own hands, aside the screensaver metaphor, is how we all can/and do use the internet and these technologies to connect, share, and awaken.  It’s the moment when we are no longer their sheep or cattle, we become animated by evolutionary ideas, gentle kundalini awakenings, transcending the old forms all together.  We become ‘meta’—in a sense.

2.  A year of airy Mercury Retrogrades.

…All three Mercury Rx’s in 2015 happen entirely in Air Signs.  I find this important and essential to supporting my crazy metaphor above.  Air in Astrology is the Element which relates to ideas, language, communication, exchange, technology, relating, and individuated change.  As you know, Mercury rules over most of these domains.  He is the Intellect, the left brain, assisting us in taking in, deciphering, organizing information, then helping us put it back out in some comprehensible manner.  Beyond or beneath the triggers that come up when you think of Mercury Rx, is actually a magical opportunity to reflect and rearrange the way you think and relate to the content he is revisiting.  And if our thoughts truly do create our realities, then Mercury Rx’s are prime time periods for doing this editing.  Bring in the idea of the Global Village, the Internet, how we are all so connected, and you begin to see what I’m seeing for 2015: An electric year of opportunity to chisel away at the 1%, the old ways with too much power, by organizing both locally and globally, more so than ever, and to watch the gentle rise of our own new world order, one we all dreamt up together.

.: Virgo and Pisces “Time and Space :.

I feel 2015 can be defined by this axis or polarity.  The Virgo/Pisces opposition is one of great struggle for many people.  Essentially, it teaches us how to live in time and space, becoming practical dreamers instead of far out visionaries, preaching philosophies from the couch, spliff in hand.  It’s all about making your dreams and visions manifest, learning how to live in the world, functioning in time and space, making a difference for yourself and the rest of us.

With Neptune and Chiron already adrift in Pisces, we have come accustomed over the past few years to the disillusionment and wake up calls they have been sharing with us.  This Summer, Jupiter, the traditional ruler of Pisces, moves into Virgo.  Around the same time, the beautiful Goddess Venus stations retrograde in the first degree of Virgo.  The Nodes of the Moon as well, move from Aries/Libra into Pisces/Virgo, thus aligning all the Eclipses over the next year or so to this Axis as well.  To condense all of it, simplifying the info, what I mean is this:

Follow your bliss, or feel like you missed.

.: Important Dates of the year :.

I feel that every day is an important day.  Honestly, all I have written above can be applied any day of week, at any moment.  But what is so amazing about Astrology and these planetary cycles, is that some days, some years offer more support to particular areas of our lives than others. If 2014 was a colossal sojourn into our shadows, dealing with some of the hardest and most beautiful realities known to man, then 2015 has everything to do with waking up from our self delusions, reaching out to others both locally and globally, and constantly contemplating on the power of language, thought, and the word.

.The Highlights of 2015

1.4: Cancer Full Moon, creating a Grand Cardinal Cross with Pluto/Uranus (15 Cancer)
1.21: Mercury Rx in Aquarius (17-1 degrees)
3.16: The Final Pluto/Uranus square
3.20: Total Solar Eclipse (last degree of Pisces and Zodiac)
4.4: Total Lunar Eclipse (15 Libra)
5.19: Mercury Rx in Gemini (13-4 degrees)
6.14: Saturn Rx moves back into Scorpio, returning to Sagittarius 9.17
7.25: Venus goes Rx (1 Virgo)
8.11: Jupiter moves into Virgo
9.13: Solar Eclipse in Virgo (21 degrees)
9.17: Mercury Rx in Libra (15-0 degrees)
9.28: Total Lunar Eclipse (4 Aries)
11.11: Nodes move into Virgo/Pisces
11.25: Saturn squares Neptune
12.21: Winter Solstice

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Thanks for reading.

Be well, be kind, be love

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