“Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens …”

Carl Jung



…As Mercury steps forward (turns direct), back into the grounds already trotted twice, he follows his steps, carefully collecting the lessons and the facts from the previous Rx..  On the horizon is a waning quarter Moon, who moves towards the second Aquarius New Moon of the year.  This is rare, and quite unique.  Mercury knows this. I think you can feel it too.  There is an incessant thought nagging you at the core, asking you to finally make this radical shift.  You have failed in the past, you won’t this time.

In researching this lunation, I was fascinated with every door I stepped through.  Its placement, its aspects, its ruler, its timing, all of it.  It seems the only way to access the nectar is by turning inwards.  I know, it’s not easy.  The distractions are more sophisticated than any time in history, but we must!  We also need to practice shrugging off any judgement coming at us, trying to prevent us from the moment of actualization.  Over the next 4 weeks, I am confident that we will all experience one of the greatest breakthroughs of our lives, if only we are willing and brave enough.  So, sword in hand, shield left behind, we step from the cliff, trusting in something to catch us, bringing us to the next level.

.: The New Moon :.

2.18.15 @ 4:46 pm MST


All gathered neath’ the darkest blanket,

stars offering up subtle burns.

Not on skin, but akin

They all move towards the earth in unison

planting their seeds

This lunar cycle that is closing was an Aquarian one as well, yet in the 1st degree of Aquarius, not the last.  For instance, just hours before the last New Moon, the Sun moved into Aquarius; In this one, only two small minutes after the New Moon, the Sun moves into Pisces.  You can see how special this is. It’s a tight squeeze, and maybe the Universe is trying to fit in one more essential Aquarian lesson for this “Aquarian Age…”  I think it relates to two things:

Individuation & Tribe

To Individuate, we must follow our truth, despite any of the flak or challenges we might face.  It’s the only way we will discover IT.  Our tribe, our friends, those we surround ourselves with, must support this journey, no matter how weird it may appear.  Fuse the two together, and you get the ideal duo for awakening to our true selves. There are some special attributes to this New  Moon as well that I think may act as boosters in guaranteeing our arrival to this inner promise land.


Since October, all of the New Moons have either been in the last or first degree of a Sign: i.e this one is in the last of Aquarius, and the previous lunation was in the first.  Endings and beginnings.  Not just for you, but for all of us.  They are completions to cycles in our lives that are happening whether we can see it our not, just as there are subtle—or not so subtle—beginnings.

This New Moon is also the second of six SuperMoons this year.  When you hear this, it simply relates to proximity to Earth, or as Astronomers call it: “perigee.”—the closest the Moon gets to Earth.  Super or perigee Moons have a greater effect on the tides on our planet, pushing and pulling in greater extremes (if you live near the ocean, you know what I mean).  And because the Moon rules over our emotions as well, the watery element which courses through us, the same can be translated for our subjective experience.  Be prepared for a surge of electricity in the water, in your heart, in your veins. It’s the extra voltage needed to unplug.  Later, we can choose where to plug back in, if inspired.

As I mentioned above, just two minutes after the New Moon, the Sun moves into Pisces.  Essentially, a Pisces New Moon, but it’s not, if we play by the rules, which we should.  Instead, we find the beginning of the month ahead pregnant with revolutionary ideas, anaretic and eclectic. It’s an image of holding hands with all of our peers, in prayer for this “Aquarian ideal” to manifest, and then….: Poof!  The veils are lifted, the light enters, trees sway and dance to the pulse of the collective charge—we have touched upon another dimension, one that was always available to us, but our phone distracted us.  In the first degree of Pisces, we get the first sip of amrita, seeing the potential of how we can live our lives in eternal alignment with this forever and silent truth.  After that sip, it pulls away, and we are asked to practice—to commit, and hopefully, discover how we can keep it around.

…a fossil smiles

It is also the Chinese New Year with the New Moon.  Enter in the Yin Wood Sheep/or Ram/or whatever the hell it is.  It’s said this year will have a gentle spirit, leaving us content in our soft, creative silence, staying away from conflict and fiery dramas.  We shall see, yet I do like the support of this energy in the swift transition from Aquarius to Pisces—or, from the world of people into the world of plants and animals.  If we were to use the sheep as the metaphor, we would have give it a ganja brownie, set it loose into the hills, and try to imagine, if only we could, the depth of pure unity that fuzzy creature might be experiencing, the visions it might be having, and the frustration it could be feeling about not being able to write it all down…


(the first syllable, the original sound, the access tone into Pisces, or God, or whatever you want to call it)

.: The Space and Symbols :. 


This New Moon occurs in the last Decan of Aquarius.  It is a space that can be likened to a knot tied taught, symbolic of how we are tethered to this world, yet yearn for liberation and freedom from it.  Images of this space can be compared to a disenchanted citizen (maybe like yourself) who desires to live another way.  Wanting so badly to step away from this toxic way of living, needing to forge an original life. And as we all know, stepping away from the “village” and into the “wild” is pregnant with trials and tribulations.  We must pave our way, finding allies with strange sorts, learning the language of nature, cosmos, and spirit.  In this we must trust, or we will always end up failing and flailing.

I find it quite important to note that this Moon falls on the Midpoint of the Pluto/Uranus square—the aspect/transit of our time (Click to read more).  Midpoints relate to integration points between two planets. Finishing their 7 part, 3 year dance in just a month, this lunation has a message of how to solve the tension we all fear around the inevitable changes upon us.  It shows us a glimpse of samadhi, or liberation, and the longing for transformational revolution.  It’s a stillness in self able to translate whispers in the wind for the larger Self to prosper.  Perhaps by connecting more to nature, away from technology, sitting strong, breathing deep we find this place, and by accident, without knowing, create a ripple in the collective for all to sample and use.  A creative commons of personal insight if you will.  In essence, it seems to be a key for unlocking the riddle of this titanic square.

* The Symbols….or Images related to this specific degree of the Zodiac (30 Aquarius)



Deeply rooted in the past of a very ancient culture.  A spiritual brotherhood in which many individual minds are merged into the glowing light of an unanimous consciousness is revealed to One who has emerged successfully from his metamorphosis.

…it doesn’t get more sacred, or psychedelic than this.  It is a capacity to tap into an ancient ritual, one which promises transcendent experience and a feeling of seamless unity with both nature and spirit.  It happens with the Tribe, it only occurs if we bravely go where we have never gone before.  It will take great courage and an openness of hand and heart. The caterpillar has finished its pupation.  Now, there are wings for all to see.


Wavy rays of light, in shape like a huge wheel, reflecting on a blue evening sky.

…like a divine projector into the starry firmament, we finally have the eyes to see the patterns.  It feels like an Astrology Chart in the Sky.  Yet, it takes certain eyes—open and willing—to see what is actually happening.  There is a pattern to it all, and if we are willing to look, to study it, and to commit with the ceremony of self study and communal magic, we will find the key.  It is out there, but it is also in here, as well. Be brave, be weird, just be.

All in all, this is a special New Moon.  It is in the last subtle slice of Aquarius, the second of the year, the midpoint of the Pluto/Uranus square (Uranus rules this Moon; I didn’t mention that…), the decan relates, the symbols bring us closer to its essence, and so if you aren’t excited about it, then why not? If you are confused, maybe sit with it, prepare for it, and read again.  It is also quite helpful to know where this is falling in your own Chart.  Because wherever it is, all of these concepts, all of these potentials are there for you, like a fallen branch from the lightening tree.  When you touch it, everything changes.  The whole story, your entire perspective shifts forever. That has to be exciting, or at least a little bit enticing?  Use all of this in forging your New Moon intention, and have a blast watching it grow.

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