Sun square the Nodes

It’s time for a new adventure…

Somewhere between sunrises arrow and the target of sunsets finish, light gently forces its way through all the windows of an old house.  We must excitedly open the curtains.  It desires to illuminate an intimidating Path, to evaporate all vitriolic substances making our feet heavy, our hearts cold, and keeping our minds playing loops of the outdated tapes. It’s time for a fresh start.

For me, I see a stack of adopted books, with shiny and sad dust on their covers getting cleaned off, readying their pages to stream into my brain.  I see an empty journal with a well inked pen patiently waiting next to it, nearly vibrating with excitement about the stories that will soon massage its pages.  I see a smoothly sailed winter carried by an inner fire created by a continuous deepening of breath.  And I see a hill beyond the great mountain of doubt which glows with promise, offering a drop of security in knowing where this new adventure leads.  If I look at it just right, trying not to squint, I can see myself by candlelight, with a pot of ancient tea, surrounded by animals and love and a kind of radiant contentment.  I nod at myself with encouraging approval, knowing: Anything is possible.

What does your new adventure look like?

(Visions from the light behind the mountain.  It shines from the Sagittarius Sun with a hidden hue of the Sag Moon.  There was a New Moon early this morning, one which held (and still does) a strong stance of where we are heading next.  We will not get lost in the intoxicating fog of Neptune or wrapped around the familiar tale of Momma Dragon (square Neptune and the South Node in Pisces), nor will be schedule it all too tight, holding on for dear life to the idea we may have of what it all will look like (square North node in Virgo).  Instead, we must sign a contract with Spirit that says something like, “I will be present every step of the way. When I’m tired, I will sleep.  When I’m inspired, I will fly.  But I will never get ahead of myself by tainting the adventure with expectations (conjunct Juno; the New Moon that is).  Happy Moon my friends.  May the arrow of your desire strike the center of what you are after on this exciting new adventure.)



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