a Lilith talk with Tom Lescher

a Lilith talk with Tom Lescher

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Today I was granted a wonderful conversation with Tom Lescher.  We talked about Lilith.  If you have heard of Black Moon Lilith, you will enjoy this thoroughly.  If you haven’t, you will still love it.  Hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did.





music: Trevor Hall

Art: Karol Bak



  1. Thanx for the great interview with Tom.  I have Lillith conjunct my sun at 19 Taurus in the 7th house and found the description of Lillith’s ancient lineage of power resonates deeply within my soul. Fascinating and insightful discussion.  It’s been a great journey to harness and honor Lillith’s energy in a positive way in my life, from an earthly perspective with yoga, meditation, pranic healing, and working with nature’s bounteous gifts.  loved the song :-) namaste meredith

  2. In your talk about Black Moon
    Lilith the words used were chaos, sexuality, rebelliousness, feminine power,
    the void and that “point”…. Just one word that comes up for me which you forgot
    to mention is WOMB… which describes all of the above words. This is the place or
    point of creation. Yet, this is more than just the sex and reproduction/maiden
    and child; it is a place of the crone, she is a new level of female power and
    creativity. The shadow of this now reflected  in this country, in the good old USA, is the
    nasty debates of our government over health care and women’s vaginas and reproduction,
    abortion… there is a place they/men cannot go…the womb… that is it …I just hope
    you will reflect on this. You talk about the matriarchal patriarchal pendulum swing
    over many ages… this is what the female chaos you are revering to with Black Moon
    Lilith may be… letting go of the anger brings on wisdom…

    • Wonderful point.  I’ve never thought of it in this way.  I shall sit with it yes.  And speaking of womb, do you think LIlith can describe the type of In utero experience we had.  or perhaps birth? Mine is in the 6th house in Aquarius and I find it interested because I was a C section baby.  Think it relates?