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Astrology with Adam Sommer
Astrology Podcast

“Astrology is only as good as the vocabulary which carries it forth; Adam has this Gift…”

Jim Channon,  inspiration for “Men who stare at Goats”


Liam Blackmon astrology

Under the Full Moon with Liam Blackmon “Virgo edition”

Exploring life under the VIrgo Full Moon
Palles Athene

The Weekly Breeze “Snakes and Shields” (Week of 4.25.16)

Bursting through Gods 3rd eye

Hilarious Podcasts

Game of thrones astrology

Under the Full Moon with Liam “Peace Signs & Throne Games”...

.: a Podcast :. In this Podcast, Liam and I explore the Capricorn Full Moon.  We find peace in the mountains, strong correlations with the...
27 Sagittarius

Exploring the Galactic Center Moon with Liam Blackmon

.: a Full Moon Podcast :. In this show, Liam and I explore this rare Full Moon within hours of the Summer Solstice in close...

Most popular

Kyle Leimetter

Exploring the Archetypal Explorer with Kyle Leimetter

Hard to touch an Archetype
The 13th sign?

Ophiuchus “the 13th ‘Sign’?”

What's the truth surrounding the 13th sign?
Mars Rx 2016

Exploring the Mars cycles with Adam Gainsburg

Blood, sweat, tears, and the sacred masculine
mutable skies

Astrology of 2016 “Guidance in the breeze”

Where does the sand come from?

Feeling Lucky?

Venus. Fire. Create.

...We were made for creation