art by Niken Anindita

Rooftops can often make you feel closer to the Moon.  It feels like you have some kind of advantage. A strategic vantage point, above the millions of sleeping souls, to receive her messages more intimately.  An auspicious place to be when contemplating the end to an adventure, the end to a book, and the opening of a new chapter in life…

One of my favorite techniques for traveling, is starting a book, usually fiction, at the beginning of the adventure.  It always seems to have an uncanny magic to it.  The way all the twists and turns appear to overlap through the pages with your own surprising steps, reinforcing your relationship to synchronicity.  It can serve as a meta-narrative to all the lessons whispering in the breeze.

As I sit here and stare at her waxing quarter-like beauty, as she reaches for Jupiter, I find myself doing precisely the same: Reaching for my Truth.  It’s something which orbits Jupiter, like his many Moons, all patiently waiting for a glimpse of that blinding, universal Truth.  At the end of every adventure, I feel this way.  After being led by some unseen force along the way, being at the whim of others much of the time, I attempt to distill as much meaning as I can from the experiences I was a part of.  And with the book which has become tattered and stained with me on this trip from Canada down to San Francisco Bay, I have learned much from Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods.”  Mainly: What is it that I truly Believe? If anything at all? And most importantly: Am I truly living?

Soon, Jupiter will station direct (June 9th).  It occurs on the same day of the Sagittarius Full Moon, which he smiles fondly over, like a good king should in his loyal rulership.  The feeling which grows in me through the parallel adventures I have been on, and are now coming to a close, digesting and integrating slowly, is this: Know your Gods! Old and new.  Those in the light and those hidden in your darkness.  Male and Female and in betweens.  And never ever sever your connection to wonder and where it leads you along the eternally interesting road of Self-Inquiry.  Things are looking up…for all of us! A promise I heard along the way.

Long days & pleasant nights my friends,


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